2. All the Bright Places- 2020

Nothing ever Disappears even after Infinity

Theodore Finch

This movie is all about two young teens struggling through the phases of mental pain still managing to seek happiness in the untouched places of Indiana!

  • Directed by- Brett Haley
  • Starring- Elle Fanning, Justice Smith
  • Rating by IMDb – 6.5/10
  • Based on – Novel by Jennifer Niven

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


All the Bright Places

Based on the Best selling Novel by Jennifer Niven.

All about Violet Marley and Theodore Finch sharing the chemistry we all crave for, reflecting an analogy of a perfectly written song meant to be heard.

This movie is all about the journey they embark to find the answers of the puzzles unsolved. Living in the undiscovered land of Indiana, place full of hidden secrets, where the cold wind whirl with an essence of love.

Will they find the answers?

Is the title justifying the movie perfectly?

Does Life have to be this way?

It was a Beautiful day.

Penumbra of amber yellow and ocean blue were truly embellished on the sky with no tint of struggle,

Then there was the beginning of an amazing love story and it finally ended with the same shades of satisfaction and beauty.

Is that what really happens in real life?

Not always.

Mostly no.

Such endings give us a feeling of gratification but it’s not even remotely honest. And sometimes , most of the times, we want to come across the truth of life, to learn how to handle it, to learn how to live with them and also to find meaning in the little wonders around us. This movie will help you discover the real issues faced by the teenagers and almost everyone Nowadays.

This Movie may do a lot of good for people going through mental pain ,

people who are trying to hide their angst,

people searching for happiness but failing.


A jog in the morning always sounds perfect with a pleasant cold weather , the type of weather that can make the blood rush to your heart and make you hear the sound of a pumping heart.

Then there’s this girl as pretty as the cold breeze in Indiana standing on the ledge of a Bridge having second thoughts of jumping, splashing herself in the lake of depth.

And that is how they first met.

Theodore Finch with his twisted but quick- witted humor joins Violet without a blink ,saves her somehow from the darkness she felt.

“I met you standing on a ledge, thinking what’s going on inside your pretty head”

He still won’t give up until he makes her realize what an amazingly beautiful life she is missing. Thus, they start the journey together to explore – All the Bright places

The places once ignored.

The places never cherished.

Their chemistry was as beautiful as the tranquility of a sea,

Their love felt like drowning but in a beautiful way.

The one where either one sinks or float but will always be worth your time . While Violet was dealing with the pain of losing her sister , Theodore’s Bipolar disorder affected him to the core.

But together they found peace, an untainted silence in their togetherness.

I feel a thousand capacities spring up in you

He said to her.

The places they discovered together unfolded a mystery, created an authentic mise-en-scene with all the pragmatic truths of life.

Starting from a cemetery in nowhere, with the silence forthcoming.

Evokes just the right emotion to share the stories untold.

Followed by the beautiful perks of Wall art unfolding the answers to the question in their minds.

Our Theodore finch referred to as – A Freak, most certainly believes that labels are a misfit to capture oneself in a box. He believes in reliving the places with stories, once left untouched.

His perception of life will vigour you to rethink the way you lived your life, duress you to live in the present.

Are you too young to burn?

His pain is not reflected in his speech. Rather you won’t even feel a hint of depression in him. Is that the truth?

You must rather watch.

Their chemistry will excite a spark in you, they will take you to the places which never felt so safe.

 Theodore Finch is all the colors in one, with all the brightest.

Life isn’t all about Happy Endings. It’s all about facing the reality and living in the circle of life, circling all around just to relive the same path.

Mental disorder, Depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts.

They all are part of that circle, always returning back to haunt you, to make you have second thoughts about living.

It’s not about curing them but about how one can survive with them. Brightness exist in all different creations of Nature , you just have to look in the right direction and it won’t disappoint you.

This movie might not be the virtual world we see on the screen but it will force you to think not everyone around you is as befitting as they seem. Take some time to observe them and at last save them.

I hope the rollercoaster ride of “All the Bright places” won’t disappoint you with the way it ends , try to embrace the beauty it’s offering and how they found the answers in the form of Love, in their enticing togetherness.

Make a list of the places you will like to discover

Whether it’s a chain of undiscovered mountain or an album of photographs.

Find it. Note it down and At last Live it.

Hallelujah !

Write in comments about the List of the brightest places you want to discover . ❤


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