All that Glitters is not Gold.

William Shakespeare
Circling around love – Shruti


It’s not just about the movies but its a way of defining me, defining me in a way I want , not fluttered by the views of others. So, it’s time to be You!

About Handwritten

I just picked up my fancy pen and wrote my Heart out . Not exactly with a pen though. Don’t you still love writing on a piece of paper?

Isn’t it so much better?!

Let’s bring it back together. This is what my New page “Handwritten” will be about. Check it out!

About me

Trying to find myself in a sea of Edginess. Trying to embrace my love of finding Happiness in small little things. I truly admire the concept of perfect imperfections and this is what makes everyone around us Extraordinary. Reading and Writing is like a part of me, it’s like the part of my soul hidden somewhere from the universe but can only be cherished by me. This Blog will be my way to help you with the same!

Instagram – @__shruti3